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eCover Go - Action Scripts
How do I install the Action Script Package?
Do I need Adobe Photoshop to use the Action Scripts?
Is there a Trial Version available?
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Your Membership Website Script
How can I install the Script?
On How Many Domains Can I Use the Script?
Does the Membership Script work with a Windows Server?
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1MerchantCart Script
How can I install the Script?
What are the System Requirements?
eCover-Go - Online Generator
What do I need to use the Online Generator?
I can not generate or save an eCover. Whats wrong?
My 3D eCover looks pixelated. What can I do?
AdTrackz Gold
How do I install the script?
How Can I Track Conversions?
I have trouble installing the script. Can you help?
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eCover Design - Graphic Service
Where can I get Free Images and Stock Photos?
General Questions
Do you offer a money back guarantee?
I have not received my Product. What can I do?
What payment methods do you accept?
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