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Do I need Adobe Photoshop to use the Action Scripts?
Yes, in order to use the eCover Go Action Scripts you need the full or trial version of Adobe Photoshop 6 - CS3. You can not use Adobe Photoshop Elements. The action scripts work with all language Ve...
How do I install the Action Script Package?
Open Photoshop - > Window -> Actions -> Click on the arrow on the right side -> Load Actions -> Browse to "c:\Program Files\eCover Go\Action Scripts" and load all action script (filenam...
Can I use the eCover Go Action Scripts for Print?
The final output resolution generated by the first 50 photoshop action scripts is 72dpi and suitable for web only. The scripts are not recommended for print publications.The other 100 action scripts i...
Is there a Trial Version available?
Yes, you can download a trial version of the eCover Go - Action Script Package here: Windows Users