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What is the latest Version of Ad Trackz Gold?
The latest Version of Ad Trackz Gold is 6.5
How do I install the script?
STEP 1: UPLOAD THE FILES FTP into your website and navigate to your home directory. Create a folder called "adtrackzgold" or "track".   You can call it something else but be sure to remember ...
I have trouble installing the script. Can you help?
Yes sure. Each purchase of the Ad Trackz Gold software comes with free installation. To install the script on your server we need your FTP and cPanel username and password as well as your domain name.
How Can I Track Conversions?
The Track Conversions section generates the html code required to track sales or actions on your website. Some examples of an action is a subcription, or a request to download a free version of your p...
How can I add a new campaign?
On the Add New Campaign page you can create a new campaign with Adtrackz. A tracking link will be supplied to you which you can publish in your ads. Instead of sending your visitors to http://yourwebs...